New Release-Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo RDA

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New Release-Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo RDA

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Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo RDA is an innovative coiless atomizer that uses dual RFC heating elements for perfect atomization. Looks like two rectangle sheets with holes, RFC heating elements efficiently heat e-juice to bring you original flavor and dense clouds to the largest extent. RFC Riftcore Duo RDA has striking performance in terms of usability and life span because it could offer 1,000,000 puffs for you! And with self-cleaning function, it maintains purer flavor and gives you simple vaping!

1. New Concept Coil-free RDA
2. Dual RFC Heating Elements brings dense clouds and pure flavor
3. Self-cleaning Function
4. Striking 1,000,000-puffs long lifespan

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