<New> Hava One Pod System Kit

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<New> Hava One Pod System Kit

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Hava one features a compact profile and comfortable texture. With 2.85mm intake width, ensures the optimal amount of air mixes with the e-liquid, allowing you to enjoy huge clouds, strong flavor and immediate vaping experience. Its refillable 2 ml pod hidden in the magnetic front cover allows you to easily refill e-liquids or replace a pod.

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Vaporesso Renova Zero Kit is the new pacemaker for all refillable POD Systems. It comes with a new innovative filling system- Press to Fill, which allows easy filling and prevents any leak. Constructed by durable Zinc Alloy with small grooves for easy handling, it offers various kinds of colors to choose from. Unique CCELL Coil is optimized for high nicotine satisfaction.

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